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The Cossticks 1700-1900 2nd Edition available now

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12. Bibliography and Sources


Please note that this internet version of The Cossticks does not contain the extensive footnotes and references that are included in the printed book. The sources of my information are listed below. Readers who wish to confirm the source of any particular piece of information are welcome to contact me.

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Other Letters as acknowledged in footnotes

Oral History

Alex Cosstick, Seaford, 1980
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There have been many who have assisted me in my research over the many years it has taken to put this together. Sources of information have been acknowledged in the footnotes but some deserve special mention. Dorothy Hughes, of Mount Clear, and Joan Maguire, of Canberra, have been working on the story almost as long as I have and deserve significant acknowledgement; Joan’s father, Les Roach, has similarly been a source of encouragement and information; Marion Boyd, of Camperdown has been a constant correspondent and has tracked down many of the descendants of the original six brothers; Peter Sunners of Adelaide has helped considerably with additional details about Sam Cosstick and Annie Shove; and Heather Heymer provided very useful information about the Hendersons.

The page containing the life of William Thomas Walker (husband of Adeline Cosstick) was compiled by Malcolm Cooper of New Zealand.

There are inevitably errors and omissions in a work such as this. I would ask readers who discover such things to please write to me with accurate details, including accurate source information and references so that future editions might be more accurate.

Internet Resources

Most of my research was done before the internet became available - using real documents that could be held in the hand. Nevertheless the internet has made the initial location of much material much easier.

The following are a few interesting and useful sites. Please let me know if any links become broken.


Avoca & District Historical Society - Some interesting details about early Amherst and Talbot by Denis Strangman of Canberra.

General Resources

Family History South Australia - An extensive compilation of useful sources including shipping.

Coraweb - An extensive listing of useful internet resources.


Shipping in NSW waters - Searchable lists coordinated by Mary-Anne Warner.

Public Record Office of Victoria - Searchable inwards and outwards Lists from Melbourne including to and from New Zealand.


Papers Past - Searchable and readable digitised newspapers from New Zealand.

Australian Newspapers - Will make Australian newspaper research much easier.

Melbourne Argus - Searchable index.

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Family Search - The LDS online search. It is essential to visit a local Family History Centre and look at the microfilm of the original records as much additional information may be found.

New South Wales BDM - Searchable index of NSW births, deaths and marriages.

Canada - Searchable Index of Canadian births, deaths and marriages.

Stratford, Ontario Cemetery records

Ontario, Canada Cemetery Records.


Sussex Weald

Henderson Family

The Sherwood Family History site has a very good account of the Henderson family.

In addition Robert Sherwood has compiled a good history of the Family of Jane Henderson at this site.

The Grayling Family is also related to the Hendersons.


Anonymous said...

this is cool.My great grandfather was Charles Cosstick.Family history has always been a bit sketchy.He must have been a character.
Don Cosstick
Stratford Ontario Canada

Douglas Wilkie said...

Thanks Don. I have emailed you separately. Yes, Charles Cosstick does seem to have done some interesting things - but then, it still happens today.

Penny Cosstick/Cassie said...

Hi Doug, We have spoken before and you have actually sent me a copy of your book on the cosstick family but we discovered we are from different branches of the family. My father was Ronald Charles Cosstick. Any way what I am actually looking for is any contact information you may have on his siblings my aunty June and uncle Phillip?