2nd Edition of The Cossticks Available Now

The Cossticks 1700-1900 2nd Edition available now

The 2nd Edition of The Cossticks is now available for purchase directly from the printers. Soft and hardcovers are available. Click here or preview the book with the viewer at the right. Enlarge the preview to full screen to enable you to read the text of the Introduction.

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14. Photo Gallery

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Seaford, Sussex Cossticks

Do you recognise these photos?

The first is a wedding group. One of the children sitting at the front may be Eliza Louisa Cosstick (#189 on the Descendant Chart page)

A Cosstick Wedding?

This may be a Cosstick family photo from the studio of the Tester Brothers (Herbert and Lewis) who worked from Church Road, Burgess Hill between 1895 and 1903; from High Street Seaford in 1904-5; and at 11 Clinton Place Seaford from 1905 to 1915. The woman seated in the centre may be Louisa Wren wife of John Walter Cosstick (#74 on the Chart). The woman on the right may be his sister Sarah Cosstick (#73). Herbert Tester, the Photographer/Signpainter, married Roma Agnes Bryant,daughter of Ann Cosstick and William Bryant, in 1891.

A Cosstick Family Group?

For examples of photographers' work in Sussex during the 1800s and early 1900s go to David Simkin's Sussex Photohistory pages.

Cossticks in Australia

Do you know any of the people pictured below? Some are related to the Cossticks, some are related to the Hamiltons, and some are related to both.

If you can identify any of the people shown please send me an email.

The reverse side of these photographs is shown below. The reverse of No.1 is inscribed 'Lissie Larkins' and the photo taken either in Dover or Folkestone. The reverse of No.10 is inscribed 'From Alfred to Agnes' and was taken in Adelaide.

The reverse of these photographs is shown below. The reverse of No.14 is inscribed 'Agnes with love CBD'.

Do you know these people? If you do please send an email with details.

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