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The Cossticks 1700-1900 2nd Edition available now

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Nye Family Descendants

[These details supplied by Hazel Turner (Radford) - 8 March 2010]

John Nye married Sarah Roffey on 4 October 1784 in Godstone, Surrey, their son:

William Nye was borne in 1788 at Horne, Surrey and married Sarah, born in 1794 at Woolwich, Kent. William was an Agricultural Labourer [Census 1841/51]

1. Thomas b.1824.
2. Henry b.1827.
3. Stephen b.1834
4. Lucy b.1835. [Possibly Housemaid to Lawyer Charles Penfold in Grays Inn 1861] .
Henry (b.1827) married Susan Cook 1855 at Marylebone. Henry was a Butchers
apprentice in Hackney in 1851 and a Butcher in Camden in 1861 [Census 1851, 1861].
1. Emma b.1856
2. Louisa b. 1859
Stephen married Margaret and in 1861 was a Labourer in Putney [Census 1861] . In 1871 he was a Labourer in Putney and married to Mary Ann Richards (born in 1863 at Lewes)[Census 1871]. By 1881 he was a Labourer residing in Barnes. In 1901 his grandson Stephen was boarding with them.
1. Mary Ann b.1863
2. Stephen b.1866
3. Emma b.1870
4. Henry b.1873
5. Alice b.1876 – She became a Sister of Mercy by 1901 and in 1911 was living at St Marys Brighton with her cousin Louisa Nye (b.1863 daughter of Thomas).
Stephen (b.1866) In 1891 he was a General Labourer married to Jane Purdy who was born in 1886 at Fulham [1891 Census]. Jane died in 1892 at Richmond. By 1901 Stephen was a Carter to the District Canal residing in Barnes and married Margaret Goldsmith in 1895 at Richmond [Census 1901].
1. Stephen b.1887
2. Edith b.1890
3. Margaret b.1897
4. Lilian b.1899
5. Charles b.1900

Thomas Nye was born in 1824 at Dartford, Kent. In 1845 he married Elizabeth Cosstick
(b. 1828) of Croydon, Surrey. Thomas died in in 1894 at Poplar and Elizabeth died in 1903 at Greenwich.
Census 1851 – occ. Bricklayer res. Croydon.
Census 1861/71 – occ. Labourer res. 6/9 Sussex Place, Poplar, London.
Census 1881 – res. 143 Manchester Rd, Poplar.
Census 1891 – res. at 4 College View, Tower Hamlet, London.
1. Mary b. 1847 ??
2. Elizabeth M. b. 1848. ??
3. Charles J. b. 1849. ??
4. Thomas b. 1851. Ships Steward in 1871. ??
5. George b. 1853. occ. Ships Steward. Married Isabella.
6. Lucy b. 1854. ??
7. Sarah b. 1856. 1871 Census Servant in Hammersmith. 1891
Census Confectioner in Streatham.
8. Emma b. 1858. 1891 Census Cook at Cottage Hospital in Dorking.
1901 Census Housekeeper res at The Limes, Buxted, Sussex.
9. Robert Nye, b. 1860 in Isle of Dogs, Poplar, London.
10. Henry (Harry) b. 1862. Ship Steward.
11. Louisa b. 1863. Housemaid / Dressmaker / Nun – Sister of Mercy
12. Herbert b. 1865. School keeper.
13. John b. 1870. Ship Steward / Asst Ship Insp
George Nye married Isabella Stirling Jarvis in 1872 . Census 1881 occ. Mariner res. 64 Coburg Rd, Camberwell, London. Census 1901 on board The Peregrine in the North Sea. 1. George b.1874. Married to Kate M, son Thomas T b.1900. 1901 census occ. Soft Food Salesman. Res. Camberwell.
2. Maud Mary b. 1876. 1901 census res. Southwark with cousins Herbert
and Phillip Becker. Occ. Housekeeper.
3. Edith Kate b. 1877
4. Lewis b. 1880
Henry Nye married Violet McDuell Todhunter. 1901 Census occ.Ship Steward res. 266 Rotherhithe New Rd, Bermondsey. On 1891 Census had his brother John living with them, and Violet’s brother Joseph and sister Florence. Henry died during WW1 in 1917 on SS Ancona (London). 1. Sidney George b.1883 occ.Ships Cook
2. Constance Violet b.1888
3. Reginald Henry J b.1891
Louisa Nye did not marry. 1881 Census occ.Housemaid res. 48 Cambridge Terr. Paddington. 1901 Census occ. Dressmaker res. 54 Senegal Rd with 73 year old Mother Elizabeth and 7 year old Niece Emily (surviving twin). Later became a Nun. In 1911 census at St Marys Home in Brighton, Sister of Mercy.

Herbert Nye married Laura Nobles in 1884, Bedford. 1901 Census occ. School
Keeper res. West Ferry Rd, Poplar, London.

1. Flossie Ethel M b. 1885 Bedford
2. Ernest W H b.1887 d.1890
3. Godfrey Cecil S b. 1891 Poplar

John Nye married Florence Todhunter. 1901 Census res. 62 Stebondale St, Poplar. 1911 census occ. Assistant Sanitary Inpector.

1. Iris Gladys b. 1899
2. John Adrian b. 1900

Robert Nye b. 1860 (23) married Elizabeth Roberts in 1880 . He was a Steward in Merchant Marine for the General Steam Navigation Co. He was killed on SS Heron by a Torpedo hit in 1917 during WW1. She died in 1894 giving birth to twins only one of which survived.

Census 1881 – occ. Mariner, living at 36 Pitt Street in Liverpool with In-Laws
Census 1891 - res. at 12 Abbott Street, Camberwell, London.

1. Thomas b. 1881. Married Edith and had 3 daughters.
2. Elizabeth b. 1883. [Census 1901 possibly a Cook for Miss Forster in Brighton]
3. Agatha B b. 1885. Married twice. 3 daughters.
4. William b. 1886. [Census 1901 possibly at Mayford Industrial School, Woking]
5. Robert Percy b. 1888. Married. 2 sons.
6. May Ethel b.1890
7. James Alfred b. 1891. [On 1911 census living with Uncle George, studying Science at London University. No trace of him on 1901 census.]
8. Emily Maud b.1894 surviving twin. Died 1906.
9. Mabel Louisa b.1894 stillborn twin

Robert then married Coliner Mary Ann (Todhunter) McDuell.
In 1901 her name was given as 'Eleanor' and was living next door to Robert’s brother Henry, on Rotherhithe New Rd, Bermondsey [1901 Census]. She had with her two children from a previous marriage to John McDuell - Theophilus b.1893 and Clarence b.1897 and Robert & May, but not James who is missing completely, or Emily who was with her Grandmother and Aunt Louisa. Eleanor, who was registered at birth as Coliner Mary Ann Todhunter, was the sister of both Florence and Violet.
Eleanor (Coliner) and Robert divorced in 1903/4 on grounds of her adultery, which was unusual for the time and very expensive. The Decree Nisi gave custody of their daughter to Robert. Coliner, their daughter Evelyn, nor her previous children appear in the 1911 census.
1. Evelyn Gertrude Freda b. Dec Q 1902

Thomas (b.1881) was employed as a Servant/Pawnbrokers Assistant to and living with George W Stewart (Pawnbrokers Assistant) at 92a-94 Jamieson Road, Bermondsey [Census 1901]. He married Edith A. Pettit in 1907. In 1911 he was a Law Clerk [1911 census].
1. Edith b.1909
2. Florence b.1910
3. Dorothy b.1914

Agatha (b.1885) In 1901 she was Housemaid to a Clergyman, John Boghos Dela Bere, living at the St Mary Vicarage, Buxted, East Sussex. Agatha married William Charles Mitchell, a Coachman, in 1908 at Uckfield. After his death she married Charles Helsby.
1. Gladys Elizabeth b.1909
2. Marjorie M b.1911
3. Nora E b. 1915 d.1917

Robert Percy (b.1888) married Louise E Mitchell in 1912, Uckfield. Died in WW1
in London Rifle Brigade, on 12 April 1917 at Neuville-Vitasse, France.

1. Raymond Robert b.1914. Married Ethel I Saunders 1943. Linda b.1947
2. Oswald W b.1915. Married Frances Weller 1936. Robert b.1939 became an Author lives in Ireland, and Peter b.????.

May Ethel (26 ladies maid) b. 1890 married Alfred Radford (Butler age 51)
on 28 December 1916 at St Nicholas, Tooting, London. Alfred died 1952 and she
died 5 Sept 1978 at age 88 in Tooting.

1. Margaret b.1917. Unmarried Legal Secretary.
2. Robert b.1922. Served in India during WW2 and was Company Secretary for Warehouseman and Clerks Friendly Society. Married Winifred Gathercole 1952. 3 children – Ian b.1953, Carol b.1956 and Hazel b.1965.

Emily Maud b. 1894, lived with May Ethel and Louisa in 1901, and d.
1906 Age 12 in Wandsworth.

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