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The Cossticks 1700-1900 2nd Edition available now

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The Weller Family

Samuel Cosstick born 1792 in Seaford, Sussex, married Mary Weller, born 1800 in Horley, Surrey, in 1818 at Kingston-upon-Thames.

This is part of the Weller family ancestry.

1. John Weller born about 1735, Horley, Surrey, England, married about 1757, in Horley, Surrey, England, Sarah _____, born about 1735, Horley, Surrey, England. A James Weller married Sarah Peat on 22 October 1758 at Horley. This may be John and Sarah.

i John Weller Baptised 20 Feb 1757, Horley, Surrey, England.
ii Thomas Weller Baptised 13 May 1760, Horley, Surrey, England. Baptised on the same day as Henry.
iii Henry Weller Baptised 13 May 1760, Horley, Surrey, England.
iv Sarah Weller Baptised 07 May 1763, Horley, Surrey, England.
v William Weller Baptised 10 Mar 1765, Horley, Surrey, England. William's parents are listed as James and Sarah in the Parish register.
2. vi James Weller born about 1765.

Second Generation

2. James Weller born about 1765, Horley, Surrey, England, Baptised 01 Dec 1765, Horley, Surrey, England, Occupation Artillery Pensioner 1841, married 18 Apr 1792, in Horley, Surrey, England, Amey Byshe, born about 1770, Horley, Surrey, England, Baptised 07 Oct 1770, Horley, Surrey, England, (daughter of George Byshe and Mary Pope). James died after 1851. James Weller was living at Cold Harbour Farm with Samuel and Mary Cosstick at the time of the 1841 Census. Amey: The Parish Marriage Register for Horley lists the names as Amy Bisch and James Weller. Both signed with a cross. The marriage was witnessed by George Byshe.
i Amy Weller born __ Aug 1796, Horley, Surrey, England, Baptised 31 Aug 1796, Horley, Surrey, England.
3. ii Mary Weller born __ Jun 1800.
iii Ann Weller born __ Feb 1802, Horley, Surrey, England, Baptised 07 Feb 1802, Horley, Surrey, England.

Third Generation

3. Mary Weller born __ Jun 1800, Horley, Surrey, England, Baptised 08 Jun 1800, Horley, Surrey, England, married 18 January 1818, in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, England, Samuel (Costick/Caustick) Cosstick, born __ ___ 1792, Seaford, Sussex, England, Baptised 14 Jul 1792, Seaford, Sussex, England, (son of Thomas (Coulstick) Cosstick and Mary Green) Occupation Farmer, Bailiff, died 01 May 1875, 9 Sussex Place, Poplar, London, Buried 05 May 1875. Mary died 13 Oct 1863, Ely Davies Houses, Church St., Croydon. Samuel: Samuel's marriage was witnessed by Henry Peirson and Anne Webb. The surname is spelt variously COSTICK or COSSTICK and sometimes CAUSTICK on baptism records for his children.
4. i Henry Cosstick born about Oct 1818.
ii James Edward (Caustick) Cosstick born __ ___ 1819, Baptised 15 Aug 1819, St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey, Occupation Builder, married 10 Feb 1844, in St Georges, Hanover Square, London, Mary Ann Prier, (daughter of William Prier and ____ _____) died aft 1881. James died aft 1881. James Cosstick is listed in the 1881 Census at Beddington, Bandon Hill, aged 61, house owner, originally of Croydon. At the time of his marriage to Mary Ann Prier James and Mary Ann lived at Oxford Street, London. He listed his father, Samuel Cosstick, as being a builder. Mary: Mary Cosstick is listed in the 1881 Census of Bandon Hill, Beddington, as being aged 69 and originally of Beddington. Witnesses to the marriage were Edward Prier and Elizabeth Prier.
5. iii Ann (Caustick) Cosstick born __ ___ 1823.
6. iv Sarah (Caustick) Cosstick born about 1824.
7. v Mary (Caustick) Cosstick born __ ___ 1826.
8. vi Elizabeth Cosstick born __ ___ 1828.
vii Joseph Costicks born __ ___ 1830, Croydon, Surrey, England, Baptised 07 Mar 1830, St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey, died __ Jul 1847, Croydon, Surrey, England. The name was spelt COSTICKS in the Baptism Register.
9. viii William Cosstick born __ ___ 1831.
ix George (Caustic) Cosstick born __ ___ 1833, Croydon, Surrey, England, Baptised 08 Dec 1833, St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey, Occupation Gardener, died 20 Feb 1868, Brick Street, Richmond, Victoria, Buried 22 Feb 1868, Melbourne General Cemetery. There is a George COSTICK baptised on 12 Sept 1841, son of Samuel COSTICK. It is possible that this is actually Charles who was born 1841. The George who later came to Australia was clearly born around 1833 rather than 1841. The 1833 Parish Baptism Register spells his name as CAUSTIC, as are the parents names.
10. x Samuel Cosstick born 01 Jan 1836.
11. xi John Costick born __ ___ 1838.
12. xii Charles Cosstick born __ ___ 1842.
xiii Robert Cosstick born 05 Jan 1846, Cold Harbour, Waddon, Croydon, Baptised 01 Feb 1846, Croydon, Surrey, England, died __ May 1846, Buried 23 May 1846. Robert's birth certificate states that he was born at 9 am on 5 January 1846. Samuel Costick, a labourer, signed the certificate with a cross.

This family chart continues in the Descendant Charts for the Cosstick Family.

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